Our Niche

PCAOB Reporting For Introductory Broker/Dealers

The broker-dealer industry is undergoing significant changes. We understand the importance of regulatory framework and the complexities of the securities industry.  Our dedicated financial services team can help you stay in compliance and out of trouble with the PCAOB. We have extensive experience of auditing broker-dealers, and we are up-to-date on all the latest regulatory changes affecting this highly specialized industry. We are a PCAOB registered firm. We perform independent audit, tax, and consulting services for introductory Broker/Dealers.

Non-Profit Organizations

We are committed to assisting Non-Profit Organization remain in compliance with the terms of their Governmental grants, Private contributions, and fundraisers. We have dealt extensively with:

-  The Office of Federal Financial Management

-  The New York Charities Registration Office

-  The New York Ciity Department of the Aging. 

Let us simplify your regulatory requirements so you can continue to carryout the mission of your Non-Profit.